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  • Insulated panel flooring
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Steam, electric or infrared heat

Features and Benefits

  • Installation by factory-trained technicians
  • Outdoor installation configuration
  • Enclosed track, I-beam or power and free conveyor
  • Designed specifically for your application and facility requirements
  • Temperatures tp 750'F
  • Special air seal designs based on coating and oven configuration
  • Structural steel frame designed to support conveyor and product load.
  • Aluminized panel skins and four-sided ductwork.
  • High-temperature supply and exhaust fans with isolated bearings for long life and low maintenance.
  • Fuel efficient IRI or FM approved gas heating.
  • Digital electronic controls for simplified setup
  • Forward curved-blade, balanced fans fro quiet operation.
  • Over-stuffed fiberglass insulated panels to reduce setting and prevent wasteful heat transfer
  • U.L. listed control panels
  • Shipped fully assembled and tested where possible.
  • Spot welded, tongue and groove panel construction.
  • Ductwork designed for maximum air and heat uniformity.